Five Day Tour- Farming systems in Central highlands and Livestock/Wildlife integration in the northern Savannah grasslands/rangelands

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This tour will expose delegates to the farming systems of the Central highlands, and on the efforts being made towards sustainable management of wildlife within and outside the protected areas through the "community conservancy approach". Later delegates will learn about the Kenya Boran cattle at one of the Government run beef ranches, management challenges surrounding one  of Kenya' Great Rift Valley lakes and dairy research work by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization at Naivasha. The tour covers approximately 850 Km from Nairobi, through the Central highlands to the high potential rangelands and back to Nairobi. 

The 5 days' tours, scheduled from 19th to 23rd October 2020, will be full of adventure and learning

 A detailed overview of the 5-Day Tour will be available soon.

The 5-Day Tour Itinerary. 

Day  1 -  19th October 2020
RouteDepartureArrival Stop over Area of Interest Duration (traveling)Duration (Stop over)Remarks
Nairobi- Makuyu
06:00 am08:00 amKakuzi - commercial farm
Forage production; Beef cattle finishing; Forestry; Coffee and pineapple production
1.5 hrs 2 hrs
Place for refreshing and buying traditional artifacts.

10:00 am11.00 amKaratina
Small scale farming (coffee farming); one of the largest markets in horticultural crops; Kibirigwi small scale irrigation

1 hr1 hr
Karatina-Chaka ranch12:00 pm02:00 pm Chaka RanchL U N C H   B R E A K30 min1.5 hrs
Wildlife and history talk - Scouts movement; Queen Elizabeth
Chaka ranch- Naru Moru
02:00 pm02:30 pm Naru Moru

Large scale farming - Conservation farming of wheat - minimum till

30 min1 hr
Naru Moru-Nanyuki - Sweet waters
03.30 pm
04:00 pm
Nanyuki Wildlife/livestock interaction; arrive in the rangelands
30 minNight out
Stop over at the Equator line, Accommodation at Sweet Waters; possibility of a Night hunt.

DAY 2 -  20th October 2020

05:00 am 06:30 am


Sweet Waters- Ol Pajeta ranch

08.00 am

08.30 am
Mountain Gorilla 

Mountain gorillas

30 min 1 hrsVisit Gorilla Sanctuary at 9 am
Sweet Waters- Ol Pajeta ranch
09:30 am10:00 amOl Pejeta ranch

Large scale beef production; wildlife/livestock interaction; beef value chain; abattoirs; export of livestock embryo - Borana and big horned Ankole; livestock fattening program

30 min 3 hrs

01.00 pm02.00 pm

L U N C H   B R E A K

Ol Pejeta
Small scale farms bordering Ol Pejeta-Sweet waters conservancies
02.00 pm02.30 pm
Sweet Waters 

Wildlife/livestock interaction; possibility of having community talks on livestock/wildlife interactions arrive in the rangelands
30 min1 hrDiscussions with farmers; plan for gift of appreciation to farmers
Sweet-waters - Isiolo
03:30 pm 05:00 pmIsiolo Town
Isiolo - a frontier town to the rangelands in Kenya; Conversion of rangelands to crop farming.

90 min
Night at Bomen Hotel Isiolo;

DAY 3 -  21st October 2020

07.00 am08.00 am


Bomen Hotel - Isiolo to Lewa Conservancy


08.30 amLewa Wildlife conservancy

Wildlife - giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, cheetahs; bird watching; savanna grasslands

Lewa Conservancy
08:30 am 09:30 am Lewa

History of wildlife conservancy; land use change - ranching to conservancies; challenges and opportunities; Northern Rangelands Trust work.

01 hr
Organized talk from the host; optional dawn game drives
Drive through Lewa - Illingwesi community conservancy
09:30 am12:00 pm

Wildlife - giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes, cheetahs; bird watching; savanna grasslands; land use zones; pastoral settlements.

2.5 hrsGuide will talk on the conservancy as we drive along
Illingwesi  lodge
12.00 pm01.00 pm

L U N C H   B R E A K

1 hrs

Illingwesi  lodge
01:00 pm 02:00 pmlodge
Pastoral community conservancy model - opportunities and challenges for the local Samburu community and wildlife conservation.

1 hr
Illingwesi - Nanyuki02:30 pm 05:00 pmNight out
Large scale wheat farming activities with integration with livestock in Loldaiga and Rumuruti; Greenhouse farming; Land sub-division.

1.5 hrs1 hr 

DAY 4: 22nd October 2020

07:00 am08:00 am


Nanyuki Sportsman Hotel - Mutara ranch
08:00 am 09:00 am Mutara ranchGovernment owned and managed beef production ranch - Boran cattle and Red Maasai sheep1 hr 1 hr 
Red Maasai is endangered though highly adapted; Boran a good source of breeding material
Mutara- Nyahururu

10:00 am 12:00 pm NyahururuBeautiful scenaries
2 hrs

12:00 pm 01:00 pm Nyahururu
L U N C H   B R E A K
01 hrLunch at Thompson falls Nyahururu

Nyahururu - Thompson falls

01:00 pm

02:00 pm
NyahururuScenic view of Thompson falls
0 1 hr
Nyahururu - Nakuru
 02:00 pm04:30 pm Nakuru
History of white settlers farming; changes in land use - large scale to small scale; scenic drop into the rift valley; Menengai crater

1.5 hr1 hrNight at - Midland Hotel Nakuru

DAY 5: 23rd October 2020

07:00 am08:00 am


Nakuru - Lake Elementaita national park
08:00 am09:00 am
L. Elementaita National Park

Elmentaita - Masaai word muteita, meaning "dust place", a reference to the dryness and dustiness of the area; protected due to its bird life fame - home to the greater flamingos; named as one of the heritage sites by UNESCO; "Kekopey" hot springs – breeding site for Tilapia grahami breed; popular for bathing - the local Maasai claim that it can cure AIDS; fishing grounds for night herons and pelicans; next to it is the Kariandusi historical sites for the cradle of mankind.

1 hr3 hrsGame drive and talk; tea break by the lake with the flamingos

12:00 pm 01:00 pm

L U N C H   B R E A K

L. Elementaita- Naivasha
01:00 pm 01:30 pm KALRO Dairy Research institute

KALROs cutting edge research in dairy production; Sahiwal breed satellite herd and research. This is the only Sahiwal herd outside its native Pakistan.

30 min1 hr

Delamere farm


030 min
Delamere farm-Nairobi
03:00 pm 05:30 pm 
Great Rift valley bird eye-view; farming activities - former large scale settler farms; dormant Mt. Longonot crater

2 hrs 30 min

The 5-Day Tour Map. 

View the route by zooming in and out using the plus and minus sign on the map. Click on more options to view the larger map.